Supporting the Younger Generation

January 10, 2022 | No Comments on Supporting the Younger Generation

Welcome to 2022.

Over my short break, I reflected on 2021 and one of the highlights that made my soul sing.

In the final month of 2021, I had the wonderful opportunity to help a young tradesman fulfil his dream of purchasing his first property. I was referred to him by an existing client who recognised this man needed a nurturing person to guide him through an exciting and nervous time in his life.

This journey became more about educating this young man not only in the mechanics of buying a property and the loan/settlement process, but also the additional tasks that accompany owning a property, such as dealing with conveyancers, rates, setting up the right insurance and utility companies. This is something that is not included in the current curriculum in a secondary or tertiary setting.

The counselling started right at the beginning of our relationship when he bought the property without really understanding the steps involved in securing a loan; coupled with a noticeably short settlement period. Various challenges were present, from the limited number of lenders that had an appetite for the location in which the property was situated, to valuers who would not attend the site, or those that would but take weeks to eventually assess the property.

As I knocked down each challenge, the excitement and passion I saw in my client, his dreams of how the house would look once renovated, and the education I provided this young man, whilst minimising his worries and keeping him calm, kept me in his slipstream of excitement. My soul was engulfed with passion and achievement.

Once the property settled, with his chest puffed out and so proud of himself, he said, “so when do I buy my next property.”

It reiterated to me how important being a professional finance broker is. People deserve and need this. We simply do not just secure finance for our clients (commercial or consumer) – we provide an offering of support and service.


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