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Investing in your business to acquire the latest new equipment is a must for staying competitive and allowing your business to grow.

You may be looking to buy or lease vehicles, heavy manufacturing equipment, get a fit-out for your factory or fund any other asset for your business.

But with so many funding choices, acquiring the right equipment finance loan can seem daunting.

I am Sonja Pfitz, a finance specialist with over 25 years’ experience as both a successful SME owner and consultant. When it comes to determining the best way forward to secure asset finance, I am the go-to expert. I help SME owners like you weigh up their options and make informed decisions.

Your asset finance choices made clear and easy

When I work with you, I get to know your business needs, your specific circumstances and guide you towards the most appropriate choices.

With an honest, open approach, I compare loans across the market, assess rates and terms, and match these to your requirements. I short-list your options and discuss these with you.

Oftentimes, I can help you uncover tax benefits and other unexpected considerations to make sure your business loans work to your maximum benefit.

The great news is the application for funding is simple and finance is typically available very quickly. There is also flexibility with repayments and in certain scenarios, GST advantages.

Some of the options available include:

Get additional cash flow when you need it

There are other options available where businesses can use their existing unencumbered plant and equipment.

Sale and lease-back loans can provide businesses an opportunity to lease their existing unencumbered plant and equipment. This eases cash flow by placing these assets under a newly formed lease of between 1–3 years.

Where appropriate, short-term loans secured by unencumbered plant and equipment can help you ‘top up’ your existing funding lines.

By investing in new assets, your product or service remains desirable to your target market. With assistance from me, you can free up sufficient cash flow to make it all happen.

With a deep knowledge of many industries, including transport, manufacturing, wholesale, health, printing, labour hire, defence and more, I offer you my guidance every step of the way. To get it just right.

The whole process is made easy for you. And by making informed decisions, you are safe in the knowledge you won’t pay too much for your commercial business loans.

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