Increase in Cash Rate – June 2023

In yesterday’s announcement, the RBA Board decided to increase the Cash Rate target by 25 basis points to 4.10%. Inflation in Australia is still too high, and it will be some time before it is back in the target range. What does this mean for business owners??? This cash rate increase will impact commercial lending. […]

Only Use Experienced, Reputable Finance Brokers for your Business Financial Needs

Secure your Business’s Financial Requirements with Experienced, Reputable Finance Brokers. Commercial finance refers to a type of finance used by businesses and corporations to fund their operations, expansion, and other activities.  In Australia, commercial finance options are available through a range of financial institutions, including banks, non-bank lenders, and other specialised finance providers. Some common […]

Sonja Pfitz – Appointed to Board for Women’s Commercial Finance Forum

Taking on the role of new executive director of pedagogy and advocacy, Ms Pfitz, will oversee learning, coaching, and member program development. The role will support women in commercial finance to access critical resources to upskill themselves and broaden their expertise. Bringing almost 30 years of experience in the sector, Ms Pfitz also runs her […]

Get the Price You Deserve for your Cars & Work Vehicles

It can be very time-consuming and frustrating to transact with dealers when trading in your car. Often they want to sell you a new vehicle but are not willing to meet you halfway in providing a reasonable price for your car, truck or van. In this environment, when vehicles of any description are challenging to […]

Female Brokers Have Dropped to a Record Low & It’s Hurting the Market

It was a privilege to speak with Mark Bouris on the challenges female commercial brokers still face today, not only around career opportunities and salary gaps but also the lack of transparency for our younger generation to see this industry as a career path. Current research denotes that more women are leaving the finance sector […]

WCFF Supports Women in Finance – Events attract hundreds of people

A series of Women’s Commercial Finance Forum events have mobilised people from across the industry to increase the visibility of women and provide support within the growing sector.  With a membership of more than 870, the WCFF is a community of finance brokers that connects women and peers from across the commercial finance landscape.  WCFF series boosts […]

Women In Commercial Finance Forum Summit

August 4, 2022,  I had the privilege of being the MC at the Women’s Commercial Finance Forum (WCFF) in Melbourne. This was a great event pack with so many passionate and intelligent individuals across the industry, networking and advocating for women in commercial finance. The energy levels at this event were like none I have […]

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