Women In Commercial Finance Forum Summit

August 19, 2022 | No Comments on Women In Commercial Finance Forum Summit

August 4, 2022,  I had the privilege of being the MC at the Women’s Commercial Finance Forum (WCFF) in Melbourne. This was a great event pack with so many passionate and intelligent individuals across the industry, networking and advocating for women in commercial finance.

The energy levels at this event were like none I have ever experienced at a commercial event. The consensus among attendees and guest speakers was how energised they felt, the camaraderie in the room, the level of education and insight they received, and most importantly reminding them why their role in the industry is crucial to supporting the great SMEs of this nation.

At the WCFF,  we continue to embody and grow upon the pillars of this organisation – Connection, Upskill/Education, Collaboration & Innovation. This forum not only brings women in commercial finance together to support, educate and encourage them but also shows other women that commercial finance is a great career and one worth considering.

As the forum continues to rapidly grow, we are embracing many other professionals from law, accounting and mentors in the field.

I am proud to be part of the WCFF as Head of Upskill and Education. It gives me enormous pleasure to help empower women in this forum and support others within our industry.

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