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Pfitz Financial & Business Solutions (PFBS) are offering free two hour consulting sessions for SME’s wanting to review their current & future Working Capital requirements, Short Term Funding needs, Asset Leasing and Trade Finance options. With the end of Job Keeper, now is a great time to reassess and plan your businesses financial arrangements. Unlock remarkable opportunities with remarkable solutions. Let PFBS, industry experts, […]

Sonja Pfitz – Acknowledged on International Women’s Day

Sonja Pfitz was truly humbled to be acknowledged on International Women’s Day. “To be amongst these amazing women and countless others throughout the world today, is a great honour.”

How to Use Asset Finance to Boost Business Productivity and Cashflow

Whatever industry sector you operate in, your business will always face the need to buy more and more equipment as it grows. Whether it’s a new vehicle, machinery or IT equipment, purchasing new fixed assets can be a major drain on your business cashflow. For most businesses, a smarter option is to use an Asset […]

Building with Bricks, not Sticks: How to Finance your Business More Effectively

One of the biggest causes of business failure is poor liquidity – failing to manage cashflow properly. That’s why smart businesses always take a proactive approach to cashflow management. The pace of business is also getting faster. Trading conditions continue to be challenging. So, many companies are abandoning traditional loans (which come with strict lending […]

Why SMEs and Public Companies are Using Trade Finance – the New Finance Trend

Trade Finance is a business finance strategy, where a lender pays your suppliers – providing your business with more time, flexibility and cashflow benefits. Traditionally, it was a solution only offered by the major banks. Products tended to come with strict bank covenants and restrictions. Now, however, there is a growing range of lenders in […]

Getting the Right Working Capital Strategy: How to Make 2021 Your Best Ever Year

Could a New Working Capital Strategy Help Your Business Thrive in 2021? Ready for Opportunity: Why Your Business Needs the Right Working Capital Strategy Last year was a year like no other. The Covid-19 pandemic hit businesses hard and in many different ways. Some sectors shut down overnight. Others had their busiest ever year. Governments […]

Top 5 Recommendations SME’s Should Consider to Better Manage their Cashflow in 2021

As 2020 draws to a close, Australians are quietly thankful we are out of lock down, businesses are operational again, and the economy is officially out of recession. So what should you be considering in 2021 is one of the top priorities for your business?  Cashflow!! Below are 5 strategies to help better manage cashflow […]

How a Good Working Capital Solutions Can Help SME’s Face The Five Common Challenge’s in Business

All small businesses face the same five challenges (below) – and each could be solved by enhanced cash flow management through invoice and trade finance: Staffing Leadership and management skills Sales Training Change management Each of these can be achieved through the use of improved cash flow management via invoice and trade finance. Here’s how. […]

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